What is Sitt Sitting On?
The short answer is an ever growing assemblage in Coney Island.
As the Full Story below describes, Joe Sitt and his firm Thor Equities, have just picked up another two lots in Coney Island.  Thor currently owns all but 6 lots on the block bordered by Stillwell, West 12th, Surf Ave and, well... the ocean.  With ownership of significant chunks of the two westerly blocks, Sitt is building a fine collection primed for something big.
Coney Island is historic and some elements of it can and should be preserved.  But to call a ramshackle collection of amusements sitting on an ocean beach, with a boardwalk, next to an aquarium with a giant subway station across the street, an asset that is not currently at it's best and highest use- would be a gross understatement.  Joe Sitt knows this too.  Having just paid over $400/buildable SF, Thor Equities isn't planning to recreate 'shoot the freak' .  Thor is looking very long term with an eye on the special Coney Island zoning district.  The newish (2009) zoning doubles the available FAR to 4 for large sections of Sitt's holdings. It paradoxically also provides height limits and tower allowances that vastly outstrip what an FAR of 4 can typically do.  However, when you own the whole block and leave half of it empty for 'amusements' that basically have zero FAR, then towers you shall have.  The city has written the zoning to encourage the development of large projects with large open areas.
Hotels on the beach.  Revitalized Coney Island amusements.  Would someone please permit gambling on this strip too and really let the jobs flood into a part of town that could desperately use them?
Back in 2005 Sitt said he wanted to evoke the feeling of Vegas.  Vegas doesn't have a beach- which is why Coney Island can be even better.
Thor is clearly biding it's time to capture the last remaining parcels.  At Cubed Advisory, we can't wait to watch the development that will lead to a significant new NYC travel destination.

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